M&A ADVISORYIn-depth and timely valuation and strategy development
for successful acquisition and post merger integration


    The process of M&A is very complicated and turn-over for both buyers and sellers. The undiscovered risks in business are often detected after the M&A. The negative company atmosphere can be formed due to the hostility towards new stockholders, rejection of an innovation, lack of team work. Passive approaches depending on KPI and Incentive system or showing supports/trusts are not efficient ways for merger. Working with professionals at the beginning of integration is recommended for successful M&A.


    Due Diligence

    • Estimate the value in consideration of financial statement, potential for further growth, and synergy
    • Analyze risk and opportunity regarding of finance, commercial, and operation.
    • Evaluate operation capability based on experiences in diverse industries
    • Draw Profit Upside Potential and Value-Up Initiative

    PMI (Post Merger Integration)

    • Understand the perspective of both executive boards and employees
    • Concentrate on reaching agreement on improvement plans and goals
    • Promote active participation of executives and employees
    • Achieve value enhancement, not only successful M&A process