To Be a Leading Value-up Consulting Firm in Asia

Core Value

  • Satisfy shareholders, executives, and employees
    • Approach problems sincerely from the authentic point of shareholders and executives’ views
    • Solve problems through consultants’ active communication with employees
    • Create business values from achieving integration among shareholders, executives, and employees
  • Provide and implement practical solutions to maximize Enterprise Value
    • Apply our own procedures and methods qualified by past project performances
    • Establish successful business practices in financial management, as well as suggest business strategies
    • Develop business opportunities maximizing cooperate synergy between Looxent and our clients
  • Facilitate continuous improvements through fundamental changes and internalization in a company
    • Change employees’ behaviors through success in actual work experiences, not through one time proposal
    • Support employees to build capabilities themselves for better performances, not forced by consultants
    • Focus continuously on increasing and maintaining motivations for challenge


Looxent is the compound composed of three words: “Look,” meaning ‘search’ and ‘watch,’
“Cent,” the smallest currency unit, and “Centillion,” signifying the largest number.
Looxent comprehensively analyze current status from small and detail parts of industry fields to CEO’s point of view.
    • Cent (1/100) : The smallest currency unit
    • Look : Search (in order to discover) / Watch (in order to be attentive)
    • Centillion (1,000100) : The largest number appeared in official dictionaries