VALUE-UPDevelop and realize value-creating initiatives
for the increase in EBITDA


    The improvement in company’s value is a concern and a desire of both executive managers and investors. Substantial value can be created by changing feasible strategies with specific Value-Up plans considering its potential value and controllable areas. The action needs well-organized steps covering the understanding and agreement on team’s goals and plans.

    The area of Value-Up improvement on distinct rate-of-return is generally focused on growth strategies from the Top-Line and prime cost reduction. The actual improvement, however, needs consideration of Business characteristics by channel, SG&A, and CAPEX; moreover, consideration of external changes, such as launching new business lines and M&A, are required for further changes.

    • Successful Value-Up experiences of local and international Private Equity Fund’s Portfolio
    • Provide comprehensive insights into improving a company’s value based on past experiences in various industries
    • Pursue the company’s value improvement in perspective of stockholders and CEO
    • Derive profitable Initiative based on deep understanding of sales, design, purchase, and manufacturing
    • Work together in application step for actual financial improvement